Unemployment Extension 2017 Voted Down in Senate ~ Drug Testing for People on Unemployment Next?

The Unemployment extension was shot down in the Senate this week with the debate taking on a political mind of its own. While the two parties go back and forth about helping the American’s in dire straits, new ideas have been popping up on how to go forth with unemployment benefits. Senator Hatch has purposed an amendment that requires all people on unemployment to be drug tested, according to America’s News Online.

That will be one sad day if this amendment every comes to fruitation.

Why Hatch would throw this into an already heated debate about granting an unemployment extension is beyond me. How about the Senators being drug tested before picking up their paychecks?

The Senate says they want to cut government spending and this is why the unemployment extension was voted down. What is this purposed drug testing bill going to cost? Much more than granting the unemployment extension that is desperately needed.

After listening to the news this morning about Hatch wanting to drug test people who are receiving unemployment benefits and welfare, I wondered how we could have ever put these people in office? We are looking to the Senate to pass an extension to help out the American people who have lost their jobs and cannot find work. Instead the unemployed American public is denied and extension and may have to submit to the embarrassment of drug testing to get an unemployment check. Something is very wrong with this picture.

We are looking for an unemployment extension for help in providing the basic needs, such as food and shelter, to our families and he wants to drug test people? Why because they are hungry and losing their homes? It is shameful to think that we live in a country that would even suggest this.

The government is for the people, they are voted into office by the same people that are asking for their help right now. It is hard enough not having money to feed the family and now they suggest adding insult to injury with an embarrassing drug testing component?

Why not just put a clause into the unemployment extension, that says if you really need it, show up at your state house and beg for it on bended knee? It is getting to this point. How many hoops do these people needing help have to jump through?

Just the suggestion of drug testing for people on unemploy


ment benefits leads me to believe that Senator Hatch has no clue about what is happening to the American families without work today. Apparently he thinks that the unemployment extension will only serve people to buy more drugs. To suggest this, Hatch has to be so out of touch with what is going on, it is frightening.

The Senate owes the American public a vote of “yes” to an unemployment extension, it is their right. The taxes have been paid into the unemployment benefits by the same hard working people trying to collect this money, it is rightfully theirs anyway.

Putting an embarrassing component on the bill which will make people submit to a drug test to receive this money is wrong, very wrong. If you are going to drug test people because they are unfortunate enough not to find work, then I say drug test all the people who have received hand-outs from our government, like the bank exec’s and insurance company exec’s. This makes as much sense as drug testing the American public on unemployment. and welfare.

It is the American people that should be helped first. The Senate needs to find a way to reverse their vote for the unemployment extension and take care of the American people who are struggling without any drug testing strings attached. Do what we put you in office to do, help the people that really need the help instead of the multi-billion dollar company bailouts.

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