My experience with drug detox pills

best drug detox pills

I have had a couple of drug test in the last 4 years and usually I used synthetic urine or detox drinks to pass these tests, but last time I had a couple of tests in a row and some of them were not urine test, but blood so I decided to detox myself for a few weeks completely until every single test is done. Its not easy!

Much more easier to use synthetic urine or various drug detox drinks, because they do not require any preparation, but fully detoxing your system even with detox pills for drug test is a real pain in the ass.

Well, even if it was hard, I did it and passed every single drug test.

Drug detox pills + Natural detoxing

Its very important to beside taking the pills start detoxing your body right away, when you get to know that drug test is coming start immediately, not tomorrow not one more last journey start immediately, because like I said its not easy to pass. THC is stored in your fat cells and its damn hard to get rid of them. If you used coke or amphetamins that’s very easy compared to weed. Its very unfair that this harmless herb stays in our system for up to 30 days will hardcore drugs leave within a few days.

Best way to get rid of THC naturally

  • So what you can do to speed up the cleasning process is to exercise regularly, the more you sweat the better. Visting steambath a few times is also a good idea, it will greatly help your body to get rid of toxins.
  • Eating healthy is also crucial. I know everybody say the same, eat healhy, veggies and fruits as uch as possible, ignore red meats and any fast food. Its actally true. Good quality, fiber rich food does help your body.
  • Drink as much water as possible, but not more than 4 liters a day, that can be too much if you just started your water detox. Water is a cataliyst of your body it will speed up the detoxin process and helps to flush out toxins from your system. Drinking lots of water also helps you to lose weight, so if you are an overweight weed smoker then this detox program might be perfect for you.

Best drug detox pills on the market

drug detox pillsSo I did some research because this was the first time I used drug detox pills instead of fake urine or cleansing drinks. After 1-2 hours of reading and searching I found out the best and most recommended detox pills for drug test called Toxin Rid.

Checked out at least 20 drug detox pill reviews and they all recommended the same product. 20 reviews can not be all paid or fake so I decided to purchase it. Its not cheap,

I paid 150 as I remember for a one week detox program. Followed the instructions to the T as it was instructed and yeah…it worked. After 5 days check myself with home drug test and It was negative already.

I heard that some low quality home drug test might show negative, but the real test shows positive, so I didnt want to risk and continued the detox program. I did it for 7 and half days.

I would recommend Toxin rid drug detox pills for anyone, some people say there are a lot of low quality drug detox pills on the market and you should avoid them like plague, but to e honest I have never tried them so can not really say anything bad about them.

That’s a 100% sure that I wouldn’t choose anything else, why would you if you have found the winner product already? Its important to do your own research before purchasing detox products, take your time because your job is on the line, it worth the invested time. check out more Toxin Rid reviews and other drug detox pills ti have a better idea what is avaiable on the market and for how much.

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