Mega clean detox drink review | XXtra clean detox drink

Mega clean detox and XXtra clean are one if not the best detox drinks for drug test what you can buy in shops. These detox drinks work as every similar detox liquid. They give you a 5 hours window period when toxins won’t be present in your pee, so you can submit clean, toxin free urine sample.

After 5 hours your kidney will release toxins and your pee gonna be dirty again. So this is just a temporary solution not, real detox, but to pass a drug test, its excellent.

What makes Mega clean detox the best out there

There are tons of different detox drinks for drug test, but most of them are just some colored, flavoured liquid with added B12 vitamin. Mega clean actually works, it does the job everytime. If you check out some detox drink reviews, you probably won’t find anything negative about Mega clean or XXtra clean.

The best what you can do is to buy from Testclear, because they bundled it with 6 toxin rid detox pills. Mega clean Toxin Rid combination is killer, you will pass any urine test with ease!

Mega clean detox

Mega clean detox drink directions

Directions depends on where do you buy it. If you buy the standard package without pre rid pills, then all you have to do is to drink the entire content of the bottle, refill if with water twice, drink both time and try to urinate 3x before the drug test. Maximum effective is at 3 hours, so try to drink the detox solution 1-2 hour before the test. Its stupid proof, there is nothing what could go wrong.

For more safety, I highly advise you to buy the Toxin Rid detox pill combo pack. It will clear most toxins out of your system in the first two days so there won’t be so much toxins to mask in your urine. The bottle come with detailed instructions, very easy to follow.

Make sure you do not smoke marijuana or use any other drugs during the treatment, that would ruin everything! A bottle of toxin rid starts from 70$ and goes up to 190$ (10 days program). Toxin Rid Mega clean detox combo costs 69$ which is a steal!

Detox reviews before ordering

Mega clean detox drink reviewThere are many website promotes different detox drinks and other detox solutions. Always use your head, what they say sounds legit or not? Sound like a stupid promise to sell something for your or the review sounds legit and the author actually used to product to pass a drug test. I can highly recommend for detailed Drug detox drink reviews, you can also read more about Mega clean detox on their blog.

There are other legit websites as well, but most of them are promoting something. YOu can also check out some youtube videos or read the customer reviews on amazon and ebay, however these are often paid reviews or the seller left fake reviews on his products for better rating. Everything is possible guys, be careful. If you listen to go with Mega Clean detox or synthetic urine, both ways are good and unless you do something stupid, bulletproof.