My experience with drug detox pills

best drug detox pills

I have had a couple of drug test in the last 4 years and usually I used synthetic urine or detox drinks to pass these tests, but last time I had a couple of tests in a row and some

Connecticut Marijuana Laws and Penalties

Marijuana laws

Connecticut has some of the most harsh marijuana laws and penalties within the United States, as you can be charged with a “useable amount” instead of a specified amount. Thus, if the court finds any amount of marijuana on your

Mega clean detox drink review | XXtra clean detox drink

Mega clean detox and XXtra clean are one if not the best detox drinks for drug test what you can buy in shops. These detox drinks work as every similar detox liquid. They give you a 5 hours window period

Showtime’s Nurse Jackie is Normalizing Prescription Drug Abuse

Showtime’s Nurse Jackie is a character study more than it is about the trial and tribulations of a hospital emergency room. Jackie is a woman that portrays today’s standard of a middle aged prescription drug abuser. She normalizes the opiate

Unemployment Extension 2017 Voted Down in Senate ~ Drug Testing for People on Unemployment Next?

The Unemployment extension was shot down in the Senate this week with the debate taking on a political mind of its own. While the two parties go back and forth about helping the American’s in dire straits, new ideas have

Proposed “Measure B” on Marijuana Sows Vitriol in Mendocino County, California

cannabis seed

  Few discourses are as combative as local political advertising in the United States. Proposed county ordinances are supported passionately by residents, but are just as passionately opposed by the neighbors, family members, and friends of the supporters. In Mendocino

Is Marijuana a Gateway Drug?

1) “Do I know someone who has tried Marijuana (the Gateway Drug)?” If yes, move to question 2. If no, you should get out more. Over 70 million people in the United States have tried marijuana. 2) “Is this person